Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Sinks 100’ Putt

Jack Nicklaus is regarded by many as the GOAT and I’m not gonna argue, 18 major championship wins and 73 total professional tournament wins. Legend. There are plenty of career highlights from Jacks long career but this clip is from 2010 is another huge moment in golf lore that adds to the golf legend of Jack Nicklaus. This unbelievable moment came while Jack was playing a ceremonial round with Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, and Johnny Miller. Lucky for us this moment was captured on film and they were all mic’d up. Johnny Miller is staring at a 100’ putt on the 10th hole that goes uphill, breaks multiple times, and looks impossible. It sets up a moment that has to be seen to be believed.

Johnny Miller:

“There’s no way you can putt it.”

Jack Nicklaus:

“Want me to show you how…”

Get your popcorn ready gif

You just gotta watch it…

Had this moment not been captured on tape I wouldn’t believe it. There are so many golf stories out there that are fun to hear but if you don’t have the evidence it’s hard to believe. This sequence of events is truly unbelievable, if you scripted it there would be audible scoffs.

Jack gave a little bit more context to the exchange a few years later. He designed The Golf Club at Harbor Shores and didn’t want divots on the 10th green.

The second clip has Jacks insight.

It worked out for Jack, no one will ever chip from that spot. If you ever find yourself playing the 10th at Harbor Shores you have to try this putt. I know I’d give it a whack, keeping it within 15ft would be a miracle. Not for golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

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