Father and Son Golf: Life Lessons

I’m a father, my son just turned 4 yesterday and my daughter is a little over a year old. They’re growing up so fast. My daughter says about 12 words and two of them are “golf ball”. My daughter can’t swing yet but my son has 8 golf clubs and just recently we’ve locked in that he’s a lefty. We chip around the backyard and when he gets a hold of one he promptly yells “mashed potatoes!” I can’t wait until we can hit the course together. It’ll be great playing the greatest game in the world bonding and learning life lessons along the way.

He’ll learn all the proper golf etiquette from his old man.

Shank a drive… “Sh*t!!”

Chunk an iron… “What the f*@%!”

I’m sure he’ll be a great student of the game asking his dad all the right questions…

“Dad it’s 8:30 in the morning and you haven’t finished your coffee, should you be drinking a beer already?”

And we’ll always be there to pick each other up…

Fatherhood can be challenging but it is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life… at least until I get a hole-in-one then maybe that’ll take precedent. Either way, if I can play my favorite game with my favorite people then life is pretty good.

So there are a lot of lessons my son has to learn, shots to be shanked, and putts to be missed. Just remember to have fun and keep your eye on the ball kid…

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