Top 5: Golf YouTube Channels

Here’s my current Top 5 Golf YouTube Channels. This is my opinion, not based on subscribers or any metrics just what I watch and what I like. Read it and weep.

5. Good Good(And all the spin-offs) Kind of a cop-out to include the spin-offs but in terms of YouTube golf channels these days Good-Good seems to own it all. To be honest I’m an old fart and late to the game on Good Good so I’m not in the weeds on the breakup with Micah Morris and Grant Horvat. Even though I’m in my Good Good infancy I like their production style and they’re just a bunch of young guns having fun. Don’t get it wrong, these dudes can play and make solid content while doing it. I’m sure I’ll get crap for not putting them higher on the golf YouTube list but I’m old.

4. Not A Scratch GolferSo this is another channel I haven’t watched a ton of but I’ve seen a decent amount and really enjoy it. The first thing that jumps out in these videos is Adam (the hosts) unorthodox swing. His swing might be a little different but this guy navigates the course very well. In making this post I saw his video on how golf saved his life. Great golf story…

Overall, Adam is your common man. As he says on his channel:

There are no gimmicks, trick shots, or braggadocio on my channel – only an everyday golfer enjoying the challenge of the course. My golf swing is far from spectacular, so instead of providing technical instruction I share course management skills from the perspective of a single-digit handicapper.

Congrats to Adam on overcoming his medical issues, thanks for sharing your love for the game, and congrats on being single digit with that swing. Cheers to you,

3. Golf SidekickThis was the first YouTube golf channel I started to follow so it has a soft spot in my heart. Matt the founder and star of the videos is a character. His interesting accent, techno birdie music, crazy outfits, and personal catchphrases like “waddaplaya” make him a real gem. Just a little snippet of the man from his website:

Golf Sidekick’s real name is Matt Waddaplayazinski. He is a Lithuanian Prince and Nobleman.

A few years ago, through my thinking and philosophizing, The Way of the Playa was born and Stress Free Golf was created.

Stress free golf might be the mantra that I locked onto the most but he’s got plenty of sayings and is just fun to watch. I believe Matt is based out of Thailand and plays a lot of exotic courses. He’s included his sister, a few friends, and pros over the years in his videos but I always like watching Matt the most. He’s got power, accuracy, and can really navigate his way around the course. He does his shot for shot rounds, “what’s in the bag” videos, swing lessons, “how to break 100/90/80” videos, and much more. Check Matt out he’s a baus… waddavibe… waddaplaya

2. Top Speed GolfThis is not a fancy channel, but it is an amazing channel for golf instruction. Clay Ballard has taught me how to chip better, understand lag in my swing, compress my irons, and more. Honestly I would love to play a round with Clay. Very laid back, informative, and I’d just like to see how this dude puts it together. Everyone responds differently to different teachers or coaches and the way Clay instructs just clicks with me.

1. Random Golf ClubFull disclosure, I wasn’t a huge fan of RGC out of the gate. However I just continually found myself going back to their content and now I’m hooked. Erik Anders Lang just has a way of looking at the game, the people, and the places of golf with such reverence it’s contagious. He’s clearly an artist that has been consumed by the game. His unique style and tone elevates his work from YouTube videos to short films.

My favorite part of the RGC channel is the Breaking Series, they’ve done a number of these with 3 to 4 episodes for each location. EAL takes four lucky random golfers and let’s them play a pro course from the tips, asks them to predict their score, and then watches them implode. It’s painful, relatable, and addicting. No breakfast balls, no mulligans, no gimmes, and extremely hard courses. I linked to the Breaking Muirfield series below. It’s my personal favorite of the series because collectively that group did not break. I’ve seen all of the Breaking Series and while they’re all good the way the entire group navigated Muirfield was extremely impressive.

Random Golf Club has a ton of other videos The Match with Kevin from The Office, EAL Breaking 90 at pro courses, Hole-In-One Simulator Challenge, and roughly 350 more videos. Congrats to RGC for this highly prestigious honor, trophy is in the mail.

So there you have it. It’s my list and I’m not checking it twice.

Obviously some notable channels not mentioned here. Rick Shiels, he’s the OG and has a massive following. I like his stuff but I like these 5 slightly more. Me And My Golf, again I’ve checked out their stuff but I just relate better to Clay Ballard for instruction. Obviously there are a lot more that I’m just not super familiar with Mr Short Game, No Laying Up, The Jazzy Golfer, Peter Finch, and the list goes on and on. Don’t take it personal I guess you’re just not a part of my algorithm yet.

I’m always on the hunt for more golf content so I’ll be updating this list at some point and maybe someone new will break into the Top 5. Until then, hit ‘em straight.

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