Hole-In-One Golf Debate, You Decide!

Great question posed by GolfSwingGuide! Is it a hole-in-one or no? It’s a great golf debate with your buddies. Check out the question and a couple other examples below. Personally, without consulting the official rule book, I don’t think it’s in. But then again if this is for a hole-in-one, maybe I reconsider. Either way it’s unlucky. What about you?

Golf Ball Hole In One


Is it a hole-in-one? Or how about this one…

If you’re in a tournament I guess it’s up to the rules officials, my buddies and I? We know how to handle this lie, it goes down as a hole-in-one everytime. Unfortunately this next one isn’t really much of a golf debate…


Nothing worse than putting the first one in the drink and then you rebound with a hole-in-one. It’s a very bittersweet par. So if one of these shots happens to someone in your group or more importantly if it happens to you, what are you marking it? It’ll spark a golf debate that’s for sure. For me? I just remind myself that golf is beautiful and call me Ace.

Or if you’re like Michael Block just make it a no-doubter…


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