Taylormade Video With Tiger Woods, Is He Just Messing With Us Now?

A clip from a Taylormade video with Tiger Woods is making the rounds on internet. In the original video Tiger, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa and Tommy Fleetwood are testing out the latest and greatest from Taylormade Stealth Drivers, woods, and irons. The viral clip is an interaction between Scheffler and Woods…

Scottie Scheffler and Tiger discuss why Tiger doesn’t take divots.

Listen, I’m not here to question the GOAT Tiger Woods. The man’s career speaks for itself. Hear me out though, at some point Tiger became self aware that he is the GOAT. He’s finishing up the back 9 of his career. All the young golfers constantly gush over him. He’s constantly being reminded of how great he was and still is, so if I’m Tiger Woods? I’m gonna start messing with these young guys.

I’m never going to doubt or question the GOAT Tiger Woods. He absolutely could be flushing golf balls so perfectly, so precisely that he doesn’t even take the top off the blade of grass in front or behind his ball. Every piece of his club face is 100% making perfect contact with a golf ball. Not a millimeter off target. It’s Tiger so it’s possible.

Obviously Scottie saw Tiger hit a few iron shots without a divot. Maybe Tiger caught a few a little thin, takes a break, then he’s got this young up-and-comer questioning him. Scottie you’re a superstar in your own right but you’re guest-starring in this Taylormade video with Tiger Woods questioning the GOAT? No no no…

He’s just got to be effing with him right?

“You don’t take divots?“

“When I’m swinging well I don’t take divots…”

The GOAT Tiger Woods gif with smirk
The GOAT Tiger Woods gif with smirk

I mean come on, that is precision to the next level. Again I’m not here to question the great Tiger Woods but just a little part of me thinks that maybe he’s just messing with Scottie and the rest of us. However, I’m no fool so I don’t ever doubt the GOAT Tiger Woods. Hit ‘em straight.

Full Taylormade Video with Tiger Woods

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