Is Your Golf Game Lost? We’ve Got Some Golf Swing Help

Homer Simpson Lost. Swing HelpLost On The Course? Lets Get Some Swing Help

We all need some swing help from time to time. At some point in your golf career you inevitably end up saying… I am completely lost! I have no idea what I’m doing! Why do I even play this stupid game!! If I wanted this kind of abuse, I should have stayed home and got yelled at by my wife!

These are common phrases all of us golfers have said at some point. This has happened to all of us even professionals at some point in their golfing careers; you feel you’ve lost your golf swing and their is no way of getting it back.

Suggestions to finding that swing again!

Personally, to get out of this mindset, I’ll sing a song while over the ball. This changes my focus on something completely different and helps relax my mind. When things are going well, you aren’t thinking. You get over the ball and hit it. If your having trouble, why not…

“Let it be”

or if you’re a little heavier…

“Cut your life into pieces”

or if you’re hungry…

“Hot Dog At The Turn…”

By singing a song I start thinking about the words of the song instead of negative thoughts. Fortunately, being officially diagnosed with ADD, this will have me think of anything BUT my swing. Which is helps me relax and get back to basics.

Get Back To Basics

My go-to club is a 5 iron. It’s a club I’ve been able to rely on over the years and more often than not I can hit it straight. For most others it might be the 7 iron or a forgiving hybrid. Recently, I was struggling heavily, every tee shot was off target and the bad position off the tee seemed to snowball to all other aspects of my game. On the back nine I decided I needed to find the fairway so I hit my 5 iron on a Par 5 from the tee box. I was able to get onto the green in 3 shots and had a chance for birdie. This helped get my confidence back into squaring up the golf ball and focus on hitting it straight. Nothing more and nothing less. I ended up with a bogey, but sometimes you have to change things up in order to get your muscle memory back in order. When things are going bad, find your old reliable, your Billy Baroo, and get back to basics. 

Still Lost? Here’s Some More Tips

If singing or hitting your 5 iron from the tee box isn’t your cup of tee, here is a video from Adam Bazalgette who is a 3 time PGA teacher of the year and Founder of Golf Scratch Academy. These tips will help you get back into groove, free your mind, get rid of tension, and remember your tendencies. 

Hopefully this gets you back on the right track. If you put these practices into play and still can’t figure it out. Just have fun, that’s what we’re all out there for so just soak it in. Don’t hesitate to come back to us for more tips and great golf stories. Cheers!

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