Golfing In The Rain

Golfing in the rain isn’t for everybody, a bad forecast can scare away a lot of weekend warriors. Larry David knows…

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to brave the elements then maybe check out the blog I wrote a couple months back before you cancel your round.   

What do Meteorologists know anyway?!?!

If the forecast looks dreary and you want to cancel, I get it. Golfing in the rain is not fun but sometimes it’s inevitable. Maybe you’re needed in a tournament, charity event. or maybe you just refuse to leave the course because you’re having the round of your life….

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I was golfing with a good friend who was having the round of his life, the skies were dark and it was drizzly for the first 13 holes. It wasn’t great but it was manageable. Then the skies opened up and it was torrential. We hit our tee shots on a short par 3, then the rain and wind became even more severe. It was too much. I told him, we have to call it. Puddles, pardon me, LAKES were actually being created on the greens but he persisted. He putted the ball and it rolled over the center of the cup because it was filled with water. No I’m not exaggerating, it looked like this…

His shot didn’t go in, he 3-putted for a bogey and started questioning the score due to the bad weather. We were just playing a friendly round but everyone in the group gave an eyebrow raise at the thought of marking it 3 on the scorecard. 

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We took cover for a few minutes under some trees but we were getting soaked, the radar was a green blob, and golf just can’t be played or enjoyed at a certain point. Thankfully the bold one in our group yelled over the slamming rain “I’m out”… then he sped off in his cart and we all followed behind. My buddy having the good round begrudgingly called it a day too, even though he was having a great day the course record was safe and it became clear to him that the weather just wasn’t going to cooperate. 


Golfing In The Rain Essentials

So if your local forecast has the word “torrential” in it, then I’d probably stay away. If you’re looking at varying percentages of precipitation and you can find a window here are some necessities for golfing in the rain:

• Towels – For the golf cart and for your car when you get in. 2-4 will be plenty.

• Change of clothes

• 42 gallon garbage bag to cover your bag and clubs – Make a small cut at the bottom. Therefore your bag and clubs will stay dry.

• Zip lock bag – Large enough to keep Wallet, phone and car keys in.

Gear – coat, rain paints, waterproof shoes, and gloves.

Hope this helps you stay dry on the course next time you catch yourself in golfing in the rain…

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