US Open Highlights : You Serious Clark?

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. I myself was chasing two kids around solo for the good portion of the day so I missed a lot of early action. I was lucky enough to tag-in the Mrs after a solid steak dinner so I could enjoyed the final groups last nine holes with a good cigar and a beverage… or two. West Coast golf is amazing. Enough about me, we have a US Open champ so let’s see how we got there…

US Open Highlights: Early Action

As I noted above, I was busy serving up Cheerios, fruit pouches, and playing Good Guys vs Bad Guys but I did keep one eye on Twitter and early action. I promise you I wasn’t watching on Peacock, what a joke. The main story I saw from the early groups was Tommy Fleetwood…

No pressure, just coasting thru LACC…

What a day from Fleetwood.  Two eagles, 4 birdies, and a bogey. TWO EAGLES.

Tommy Fleetwood US Open scorecard

Amazing day from Fleetwood. Has to be mixed emotions for him as it was an awesome day but had he reeled it in a bit earlier who knows what might’ve been.


US Open Highlights: The Field

Xander Schauffele and Dustin Johnson were two guys I thought could make a move but that didn’t happen. Xander actually finished 1-under thru nine but tripled the 10th. That’ll end your day in contention. DJ had his chances but just couldn’t capitalize, greens were slick at LACC so not surprising he couldn’t make a move. Thursday and Friday were the days to take advantage and post some scores, too little to late for DJ.

Rickie Fowler

Overall a great tournament by Rickie. He caught fire early on Thursday and Friday, held on for a bit Saturday but Sunday got away from him. He set records for the most birdies through 36 holes on a US Open but still didn’t have any separation from the field and just ran out of steam. Flashback to Saturday, if this long birdie putt drops he’s got 2 more strokes going into Sunday, he probably presses less, could’ve been a totally different outcome.

Add insult to injury with the next putt…

If Rickie is being honest, this sequence has got to stick with him. Being so close to birdie but ending up with bogey is a killer. Rickie played so good all weekend but this three putt had to be a confidence killer.

Scottie Scheffler

Oh Scottie… what could’ve been. He gave himself a lot of chances to make birdie but couldn’t capitalize all day. Scottie left a lot out there but the World #1 put up another solid performance and came up just short. He put on a little pressure late but it was too late. Lock in your bets for Scheffler to finish within the Top 5 at The Open. Certified lock.

Rory McIlroy

Again I’m not a Rory hater but I don’t think there was a long putt today I thought was going in. He just doesn’t have “it” right now. Solo second in a major is amazing but for Rory? It’s not enough. He navigated his was through LACC today better than everyone else in the final pairings except for one…

Wyndham Clark

If you called Wyndham Clark on Wednesday then start your tarot card business tomorrow. Shame on me for not taking him after this epic club twirl on Saturday…

His round Sunday was very up and down, no real miraculous shots but he navigated it enough to give himself a chance. The biggest shot of his day came from 59’ away on 18 with the only gallery of the weekend closing in…

Wyndham was 163rd in the world coming into the US Open but he’s on top of the golf world tonight. It is probably because I never thought in a million years of betting on Wyndham but prior to him winning I found myself rooting against him. However, as soon as I saw the hugs, tears, and genuine words from Wyndham after winning I instantly turned. I know I’m a sucker. Amazing weekend of golf by Wyndham and he’s your very well deserving US Open Champ. What an underdog story, what a win, got to love it, got to love golf.

P.S- Roasting of LACC is in order… coming soon.

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