Friday Golf Facts

Friday Golf Facts: Ever wonder what the ruling should be if your ball accidentally hits another players club? Do you know the difference between yellow and red stakes? Hopefully this segment of Friday Golf Facts will resolve some of the feuds, debates, or brawls with your golf buddies.

Equipment Exception

Here is one brought to us by the USGA from their Instagram page. If someone leaves their club on the green and you accidentally hit it, you can play it where it lies. If you’re like me, you’re going to start leaving clubs all over the green now! Check out the video below for the complete details on the ruling.

Now there are incidental equipment contacts and there are some that are intentional. Using the flagstick as bumper? Not so fast my friend.

Lee Corso "Not So Fast My Friend" Gif

Friday Golf Facts: Red Stakes vs Yellow Stakes

If you’re like me you’ve never really paid much attention to red vs yellow stakes. To me, if you shank a tee shot into the woods?  Take a drop roughly where it went out, add a stroke, end of story. However I’m playing muni’s with my buddies for fun not playing the local club championship or big money games. So if you have a vested interest in yellow vs red stakes take a peak at this video for some more Friday golf facts.


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, for many it marks the start of summer. For the golf community in cold weather climates it also marks the start of prime golf season. Winter and Spring golf is time to get warmed up, Memorial Day weekend? It’s golf time. So hopefully these Friday Golf Facts get you ready for a great golf weekend and season. From all of us here at Birdie Birdie Bogey Happy Memorial Day!


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