Brooks Koepka Winning PGA Championship Holding Wanamaker Trophy

Final Round: PGA Championship Headlines

Final Round PGA Championship Headlines. Oxford defines Redemption as: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. Brooks Koepka was able to redeem himself after making some errors at the Masters 6 weeks ago. Brooks has a certain strut and pace he exhibits when things are going well. That strut was in full force Sunday afternoon at Oak Hill.

Michael Block (+1)

Fan favorite Michael Block finished T-15 and qualifies for the PGA next year. Since he finished out of the Top 4 he’ll have to get to Augusta a different way. That doesn’t matter, being able to make the cut, play with Justin Rose then Rory Mcilroy, make some birdies, and then…


As far as Final Round PGA Championship Headlines, this might take the cake. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the feels and emotions. Congrats to Michael and his family for an incredible performance this weekend. And you’ll see him next weekend too…



Brooks Koepka (-9)

In the end, the only other Final Round PGA Championship Headline that wasn’t Michael Block… Brooks. 

Rounds of 66, 66, and today 67. Great golf in a major spotlight. On the front nine he birdied 3 of 4, then gave 2 back, and the back nine he ended up 2-under. Taking advantage on Saturday during the bad weather is what set Brooks apart this weekend. Scheffler and four others shot 5-under on Sunday but Brooks had enough pad and did what he needed to do for a 3-under 67 win. 5 Majors . Brooks is money .


Hopefully  you took some action with us earlier this week on Brooks.

I didn’t jump on the Brooks train until Friday but still got him +1000 so that’s a W. Hope you did the same.

Russell Henley – The local favorite here at  Birdie Birdie Bogey. It didn’t work out for Russ this weekend but we’ll be on him next week, the week after, and the week after that. Don’t ask. Just buy in and we’ll all be winners soon. Go Russ Go!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend like we did and made a few bucks. Cheers.




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