Golf Tips: How To Handle Every Lie

This video comes from Stripe FG on Instagram and is an awesome clip of how to handle some of the different lies around the golf course. Having this knowledge while playing is just going to increase your odds of hitting good shots, give you better awareness of your swing feel, and hopefully shave some strokes. Any single to mid-handicappers are already very aware of these tips but a lot of high handicappers might not be.

Stripe FG have a lot of good instructional videos, here’s a good one on how to lose that chicken wing. I recently started focusing on my forearm movement in my swing and it’s helped me with plane, path, and contact.

And here’s a video if you’re stubborn like me and refuse to spend any money on alignment sticks, resistance bands, or those ridiculous belts with springs that make you look like a psycho on the range. Here’s some drills to practice with something everyone should have, a wall. If you don’t have access to a wall then maybe skip the golf practice and reprioritize.

When all else fails with the golf swing your best bet is always KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Or do the opposite, your choice…

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